About Us

"The Wolf" Background

I spent 10 years in Investment Banking after studying Finance and Commerce in Australia. Focused on Equity Markets, inevitably designing an algorithm identifying 8 key metrics for finding undervalued companies, utilizing fundamental analysis.

As the market became "top heavy" I moved to Europe, travelling and enjoying an extended holiday, at which point I began working on adapting my finance algorithm to sporting events. Following 6 months of trial and error, I found consistency & performance, and the rest is history.

5 Years later, our team has one of the best records in Sports; Our results are audited externally on a half yearly basis for record keeping. We produce concise analytical reports on events, providing our customers the best tools possible to outperform the market. 

Our strategy is solely focused on Mathematics and Statistics, in addition to our model, we utilize a third-party program to record all plays for our clients, focusing on unit size, money-management and adjusting for risk tolerance. 

Finding value is only half of the battle, money-management and understanding a risk return trade-off is arguably equally as important.